Unser Racing Museum

The Unser Racing Museum, situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. https://treeservicealbuquerque.com, is a non-profit museum celebrating the achievements of New Mexico’s native racing family, the Unsers. The museum celebrates multiple generations of Unsers, from patriarch Jerry Unser, to Al Unser III and Mariana Unser too.
Shaped like a steering wheel, the museum features multiple exhibits, and actual racecars driven by the Unsers. There is also a turning exhibit, featuring a new racing aspect every few months.

The Unser Dynasty

Immigrating from Switzerland, their father Louis and mother Marie ultimately settled in Colorado Springs, raising a family by the close-by mountain, Pike’s Peak. Louis was particularly knowledgeable in exploring the then “new-fangled” automobile engine which stimulated the interest of their kids.

In September 1915 they rode a motorcycle and sidecar to the summit of Pike’s Peak, a mountain previously declared to be unscalable. Not long after this conquest, the Colorado City police worked with the three Unser brothers to teach them how to ride motorbikes, and in 1916 after a road was developed, Spencer Penrose formally staged a “Race to the Clouds”, a 12.4 mile race to the peak. The Unser boys were regular rivals.

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