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Palm trees are beautiful, yes we know! They do not require much focus before they do well, does it mean we should not take care of them? As a matter of fact, they are quite easy to look after, just one “treat” in a year gets them going. Besides trimming, palm trees need little upkeep.

Palm trees are largely suitable with exotic beaches, glamorous landscape gardens, and cozy bright environments. Nonetheless, some varieties are cool sturdy which’s why home owners in cooler areas are privileged to make a home for these exotic trees. Some varieties are also grown inside your home as houseplants. Palm trees are greatly grown for aesthetic functions and for palm-derived items.

When it involves palm trees, garden enthusiasts as well as property owners need to be notified concerning ‘how and when’ to get them trimmed. Different strokes for various folks, it is incorrect to think that normal trimming of palm trees will aid their development as we do many other trees. Almost, the lesser they are trimmed, the much better they strive. Do you know that unnecessary trimming does more harm than good to your palm tree? it’s important to familiarize yourself with getting them trimmed without endangering their development and safety.



Gardeners as well as home owners should try as much as attainable to consider the overall health of the palm tree before taking into consideration trimming. Unless a palm tree poses a danger to itself, human beings or residential or commercial property, it doesn’t require trimming. You can only get your palm tree trimmed when you observe the following;

● Fruit stalks and flowers that can hinder growth and consume energy unnecessarily.
● Presence of dying or dead fronds on the tree. A dying fonds transitions from green to yellow or white, even brownish in colour and are seen hanging down on the tree.
● Broken leaves are an additional reminder that a palm tree requires trimming. Trimming need to be done before they peel off and also cause damages to the palm and also your residential or commercial property.
● Potassium shortage in the palm tree indicates preparedness for trimming. Nonetheless, trimming shouldn’t be done immediately however added potassium should be provided to the tree and wait for about a year to get them trimmed.
So, if there are no damaged leaves, flowers, fruit stalks and dangling dying or dead leaves, your palm tree has no matter with trimming at all.



It is notable that you wait up until spring to trim your palm tree. As a matter of fact, spring is the proper time to get your palm tree trimmed due to the fact that also when dead fronds seem unattractive, they assist to protect the palm from the cold in winter season and heat in summertime.

Palm trees do best when left alone, yes they do! When the older leaves had actually turned brownish, dehydrated, and dead, just then do they require trimming. Palm tree gets food with the help of the green fronds, it is crucial to maintain them so as to maintain your tree healthy and strong. New leaves advance as they grow yearly and the older ones age and die. Trimming should, as a result, be concentrated on the dead leaves and also not the ones with a trigger of life. 

Generally, you must consider trimming your palm tree approximately once in a year, wait a year (or longer) again just before trimming. While you trim, do not over-trim them!



If you actually need to trim your palm tree at all, you ought to understand the main reason why.
● To prevent damage to bordering home and house throughout a storm,
● To prevent injury to humans. Leaves are very huge and can cause injury when the dangling ones fall where people are,
● To get rid of dying or dead leaves,
● To do away with flowers and also fruit stalks that could be competing for nutrients as well as energy,
● Improvement of presence as well as safety near sidewalks as well as driveways,
● Dried dead fronds can easily attract fire. Trimming assists to eliminate potential fire threats,
● For aesthetic functions, particularly for an industrial property where landscapes make the impression. Maintaining palms trimmed will certainly make sure that they look appealing plus, it’s evidence that they are preserved.



You wouldn’t intend to endanger your palm, right? You have to be hesitant concerning doing it right. While you construct your trimming devices, make sure that all tools are sharpened and disinfected prior to usage. Sterilization of devices prior to use aids to prevent the spread of soil-borne diseases. There is a variety of equipment used for trimming; clippers/pruning shears, hand saw, serrated knife, chain saw, and a host of others. Nonetheless, each of these tools has a distinct feature. On top of that, tree size will determine which device will be utilized for trimming. For a high palm tree, it’s smart to employ an expert, no fears, at Bristle Tree Service we got you covered.

Remove dying or dead fronds. Begin trimming from the bottom of foliage. Dead, dying and broken leaves are basically discovered there. With caution remove the dead and damaged leaves from a tree trunk. You can as well reduce green fronds only if they hang at an angle below a line that is 90 degrees or parallel. Aside from this, on no event must green fronds be removed. Eliminating them deprives the tree of nutrients that need to have been used for growth. 

Furthermore, the removal of healthy green leaves can result in the dispersing of diseases and in a worst-case scenario, the fatality of the palm. Meticulously separate loose petioles from the leaves. This is done by taking loose petiole in between your fingers and pull carefully backwards. Some of the petioles could be tough to carry out no fears, you can let them be.
If your palm tree is the blooming kind, trim flowers and fruit stalks. Remove fruit as well as fruit stalks from the tree trunk. As a matter of fact, fruit stalk and also flowers ought to be eliminated as quickly as they are obvious due to the fact that if they stick around for too long on a tree they can bring in pests, draw away vitamins and mineral as well as power and also therefore pose threat to individuals around.

Lastly, pick up fruits, flowers or seeds that dropped in course of trimming. Discard trimmed fronds, petioles as well as fruit. See that fruits and seeds that dropped during trimming are properly gotten to ensure that they don’t bring in pests that can damage the tree in the nearest future.

Do you want to get your landscaping going in a pinch? No fears, we are the excellent match for the task. At Bristle Tree Service we are dedicated to;
– promoting healthy tree development and,
– providing a hundred percent complete satisfaction
What we do best is developing healthy, strong, as well as wonderful trees on house owners’ homes. With a friendly cost, we desire property owners to enjoy a variety of clean as well as risk-free environment, with a lovely landscape. Call us today for all your palm tree trimming and removal needs in Albuquerque!

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